“Never lose an opportunity of seeing anything that is beautiful; for beauty is God’s handwriting – a wayside sacrament.”

– Ralph Waldo Emerson

Photo credit:  Paige Newton

My absolute favorite part of taking photos is getting to be a really unique part of something special, capture it, and then help others to see the beauty of it.   Just last year I married my dreamy Australian husband James and we live together a 100 year-old house near the sugar factory my grandfather worked in all his life.  

Aside from photography, I love travel, writing, reading, making music, crafting, repurposing, being in nature and through it all--following/discovering my path as a follower of Jesus. Beyond the more typical tidbits, I should add: I will always (always) take a basket of fries over dessert; I can't fall asleep during a movie, but I can fall asleep before take off on an airplane; my phone almost always has a cracked screen and it just doesn't really bother me, and I totally nerd-out over (non-genius level) math and science books.  

My goal with photography is to always be improving, exploring, expanding, while offering up the most comfortable, fun, easy, chill, reliable, and consistent product.  But enough about me.  Can't wait to know more about you!

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in the library on a tuesday, 2013

in the library on a tuesday, 2013

My Gear

canon 5d miii, canon 5d mii

canon 50mm l f/1.2, canon 24-105mm l f/4, vintage canon 70-210, canon 40mm pancake

canon 600EX-RTspeedlight, canon 430ex ii

alien bees flash/photo booth setup