“Never lose an opportunity of seeing anything that is beautiful; for beauty is God’s handwriting – a wayside sacrament.”
– Ralph Waldo Emerson


FINE ART + lifestyle portraiture


My absolute favorite part of taking photos is getting to be a really unique part of something special, capture it, and then help others to see the beauty of it.   I aim to record authentic moments and genuine interactions by fostering a fun and relaxed environment.  I use gentle direction and years of experience to build such moments in both a flattering and natural progression.  Inspiration comes from all around me--from nature, music, history, fashion, cinema, people and places.  I am always looking for light--where it is coming from and how it transforms both shapes and colors.  Primary and secondary colors with warm tones drive my work and are a constant throughout my photography.   My goal with Bri Costello Photography is to always be improving, exploring and expanding, while offering up the most comfortable, fun, easy, chill, reliable, and consistent product.  

The photographer.

take it from the top and tell me how it started


Just like most other photographers you may read about, my journey with photography started young.  In truth, it started with my mother--photography was always a massive part of our lives.  Mom has literally 100s of albums from my parent's young adult life, early childhood and throughout the years before we took photos on our phones.  As a matter of fact, when my parents evacuated their home a few years back because of hurricane warnings, my dad's entire truck bed was filled with these albums and video tapes--these are the things I have been taught to treasure, and I have honestly never known to think of photography other than a natural and constant part of life. That stated, my personal journey was probably ignited whilst living abroad.  I traveled around with a little snap and shoot that happened to have manual settings.  Since I was a little behind on my language in foreign countries, my camera often became my closest companion, and the way in which I began to understand and explore the new world around me.

Everything else.



Back in the stifling July summer of 2013, I married my dreamy Australian husband James at a river house overlooking the Comal in New Braunfels.  Today, we live together a 100 year-old house near the sugar refinery my grandfather worked in all his life.  Aside from photography, we both love adventure, music, learning, and  travel--better together.  I try to write and I read as much as I can--bouncing between novels and books--anything from historical non-fiction, theology, sci-fi and suspense thrillers.  I love them all, and it just depends on my current mood as to what will keep me engaged! Together, my husband and I spend most of our time in our kitchen cooking together, playing board games, or sitting and telling stories with friends.  We love music--especially making music--and catching live gigs. And through it all--my ultimate goal is following/discovering my path as a follower of Jesus.  Beyond that, I will always (always) take a deep basket of fries over dessert; I can't fall asleep during a movie or in the car, but I can fall asleep before take off on an airplane; I like to run very slow or really fast (no time for middle ground), and I totally nerd-out over (non-genius level) math and science books.  Now, your turn!