I know it can be SO difficult to navigate all the choices, packages, options, products and jargon of wedding photography. I know this is also a HUGE priority for so many people (getting married, or not), so I would love to offer a spot on my blog where I accept inquiries from current, past, or future brides about all things photography, delivery, contracts, business, professionalism, rates, editing, retouching, etc. and answer from just one photographer's perspective. I can by no means expect to be able to represent the entire industry, but I have heard from so many friends/other brides/mothers-of-brides, etc. that there are a lot of unknowns and questions surrounding wedding photography that aren't always easily communicated/answered between client/vendor... So, I can play the middle man that offers a bit of perspective and clarity.  I think this experiement will be equally informative for me, as a photographer, as well as for others that still are held up on or not able to fully enjoy their wedding photography experience.

This is YOUR SPACE to be completely uninhibited and give as much feedback, questions, comments to the issue.  

What are some of your questions you have about how your photography is or was being handled? Did you ever think something was unprofessional? Do you feel like you know/knew "what was going on," etc. and what do you think could have made your experience better?  What advice do you have for future brides looking for a photographer?

PLEASE share this link on Facebook, your wall, IG or privately with friends... I am really looking to gauge interest. And don't be shy--questions can be anonymous and/or sent to my email: bri@bricostello.com // just include "QUESTIONS FOR THE PHOTOGRAPHER" in your subject-line and I will begin answering and sharing both here and on my blog as I can!

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