I really don't even know where to begin with these two...!  I can firstly say that I was beyond honored to get to squeeze in a few minutes to shoot them on our ranch getaway weekend.  I met Derek a few years back--he was 1 of the 3 on the Lost Bus crew that traveled the country in a rainbow-painted, transformed school bus, lending their services along the way.  Over the course of the year+ they were on the road, they helped reinforce trails in Appalachia, worked at soup kitchens across the state, volunteered at TEAM Ascend, the mountain hiking camp I worked at over the summer, harvested cranberries in the PNW, and had a generally amazing time while blessing every single person and community in their path with their service, positivity, and perspective.  Derek is one of the most clever and hilarious people I know.  Sometimes even, when I am around him, I almost forget to laugh because his wit is just so on point!  Derek is wise, gentle, humble, and loyal.  He is like a brother to me, so when I started hearing the name "Susan" on phone calls, from the other guys, and in conversation, I perked my ears.  

Of course, Derek, being Mr. Humility himself, down-played their relationship, even though he would blush and smile uncontrollably anytime her name came up.  Derek even made up an excuse to come visit our family in Sugar Land, only to really discover that Susan was the point of the trip (which he rode his bicycle across multiple states to get here).  But we didn't complain for a second, because this is when we finally got to me SUSAN!  And she absolutely blew us all away.  She is so intelligent, kind, loving, appreciative, and adoring.  It was like day 2 of their relationship, and they were already so in-tune with each other.  So, seeing them this past weekend--over a year and an engagement down the road--was beyond exciting.  They are so in love.  <3  I CANNOT wait to see these two get married and witness all of the overwhelming goodness they are gonna bring to this world.  

For now, I hope you enjoy their lovely story + few photos of these special two.

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