Looking for a home in Bellaire?  Just happens, I know just the place!  I recently did a real estate shoot for Michael Wachs Realtor of a GORGEOUS and eclectic 3b/3.5ba remodel.  The awesome couple selling the home was there the whole time---telling stories of their remodel, sharing memories of the house they made a home, detailing all the work they put in to it to make it theirs, and what they are doing now.  It was a unique experience and by the end, I was wishing I could buy the home!

Besides that, I really had a blast working with Michael Wachs, and if I ever sell my home--I will be convincing him to be my Realtor.  He is incredibly laid back, while remaining startlingly organized.  He is assertive, knowledgeable, and super-flexible and easy to work with.  Selling or buying a home is a BIG deal, and if I were to take that step, I really need someone that can match my rhythm, find my vibe, and have the wisdom and experience to guide me in that quest.  I would want someone I felt was truly invested in not just Real Estate, but in me and my future.  And I truly can say with confidence that I think that is exactly the type of Realtor Mr. Wachs is.  So..  Here are a few images from the day.  They also had 2 precious and beautiful pups that decide to make an appearance more than a few times.  Enjoy!  And check out Michael's site here where the home is listed.  It is unlike any real estate site you've ever seen.  I can guarantee that!