Well, I am never going to be able to say all the things I truly would love to say about these two--but I'm gonna give it a go.  Ever since I have known these two, I have known them together.  Never was there a time where there was a Patrick (affectionately, "Tricky") without Stacie (the obvious nickname being, "Face"), or a Stacie without the Patrick.  These two are a team--and best friends.  Like, they don't just love each other and say they are best friends.  They really are each other's favorite. Stacie is a scientist, so she spends her days being brilliant and splitting atoms.  I mean--do YOU have any scientist friends?  It's actually one of those occupations you dressed up as a child, but then no one actually ever became one!  Except--Stacie did!  There is something so romantic about science.  And then you think of her in a lab, using Bunsen Burners and cool science-person flasks, and you become immediately and infinitely in love with her.  She is a nerd of the highest caliber--loves truly and fully, gives so freely, and has an impressive moral compass and code of ethics that she developed through her keen observations of the world around her.  Stacie can make you feel like she has been reading your journals at night sometimes because her gift of listening combined with her intuition give her a wisdom in perception well-beyond her years.  She is gentle, but silly as they come.  I am truly honored to call her Friend.

And if your heart wasn't already about to explode... In swaggers Tricky!  And you will never believe it, but... he is a scientist, too?!?!?!  I mean, can you even take it?  They get to pillow talk about atoms and nano-science and technologies!  And since I have officially run out of all the unique science buzz words I know, I will move on... Patrick is a goof!  But he is also brilliant and gentle and kind.  He can be the life of the party, or sit back and watch it all play out.  He loves Stacie with a deep burning flame that is quite mesmerizing.  Patrick takes life in stride, never getting too ruffled about the small things, and Stacie is by his side to keep the smile on his face and pep in his walk.  These two are truly a match. 

We had a great time the other day, spending some time together on S. Congress, and then heading over to their favorite dog park.   Afterwards, we stopped by downtown for some celebratory drinks and snacks.  To Stacie and Pat--thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of your love.  I can't wait for you two to tie that knot!