As you may remember from this blog post a few weeks ago, I was blessed to make a trip to Colorado with my husband recently.  There, we played around in the woods, sipped on some craft brew (I know, it's a little hipster to admit), sat by pretty lakes and breath-taking vistas... but most importantly got to spend some good 'ole time with these two love birds.

Meet Kyle and Christina.

Kyle is a freak of nature--he can climb, run, bike and swim faster and easier than anyone I have ever been around.  He was born to be in the mountains--a bit of a billy goat.  Particular in his ways, but genuine, intelligent and surprisingly sweet and gentle. And if you ever find yourself hiking with him--don't worry, he will try his best to walk slow enough to keep up with you.  I have known Kyle for over 10 years now, and he I have always known that once he found that amazing lady that understands, loves, respects, and admires him in the way he deserves, he would be in 110% and he would fall hard. 

Well, you can just call me a fortune teller, because let me tell you.... in walks Christina--a spunky, feminine, hilarious, smart, gorgeous and capable lady.  She laughs fully and loves big.  She smiles with intention and listens in that perfect way that you can be sure she is actually hearing you.  And within a few weeks of meeting Kyle, they already knew they would spend the rest of their lives together.  She had his heart in the best of beautiful ways.  

I hope you enjoy a few of the snaps documenting their fun, full, gorgeous and Godly life together.  Can't wait to celebrate in November!