Short Wedding Films

by Bri Costello


Kim + Cody | Sunday Morning


Memories dancing across a screen...

Still photography will always have a 1st seat in my heart--the ability to freeze movement, capture emotion, and tell a story in a single frame is the highest goal in my work.  Movement + authentic emotion within a frame are a key elements of my photography and create a seamless transition into video photography. 

I love the idea that the emotions of a wedding day aren't necessarily linear or chronological--that sometimes, it feels as though time has frozen, or perhaps the world is moving rapidly around you.  It is the element of time added in to video that intrigues me most, and helps me to document, find, and explore a story.  

The warms smiles that emerge on screen, a glass as it is raised for a toast, a tear as it finds its way down a powdered cheek, the clouds as they move behind the trees draping over your ceremony.  These are the memories I look for.  These tiny moments are the way a wedding day feels.  And the kite string of 1,000 small stories will be the anchor for you to remember how it all felt in years to come.


Short wedding videos begin at $2400 for 4 hours of coverage.

If you are interested in learning more, please take a moment to reach out and let's chat over coffee, a drink, or the internet.