Today, everyone is a photographer.  Smiles are constantly being captured and stored on phones and in hearts.  Moments from concerts, birthday parties, weddings, and holidays are readily frozen and stored to a cloud, a phone, or a computer desktop.  Commissioning a photographer to step in to your life and capture aspects of the beauty of your family, friends, or wedding is one of the greatest investments you can make for the future of your memories.  I still cherish the photos of my grandmother on her wedding day, the still portraiture work of my great grandparents; I have photos of my grandfather's travels around the world hanging in my house.  Yet, I also have over 16 terabytes of images locked away on my computer unlikely to be seen, printed, or passed on to my children and grandchildren.

So, is hiring a professional photographer even worth it?  Worth the money, time, planning and consideration?  I mean, we all have iPhones and cameras at our fingertips, and it is even getting easier to print directly from your phone.  To this, I would respond:

Yes.  Emphatically, yes.  

When you invest in a photographer, you are hiring on a personality, a friend, years of experience, someone to bring out in you and your family the love and light you find in them everyday.  You are bringing on on adviser to help you put photos on your walls and albums in your hands.  You enlist an enthusiast of prints with a propensity towards nostalgia that deeply cares about photography, and in the end, will likely encourage you to care as well.