JITTERS & COCKTAILS  // wedding coordinating

First up... Hire a coordinator.  I cannot say it enough.  This is the number one way to actually invest in preserving the experience of your day (beyond preserving the memory through photographs) for both you, and those closest to you.  When you hire a coordinator, you (and your mom/sister) can relax because it is all taken care of.  That stated, Jace of Jitters & Cocktails is as good as they come.  You will immediately want to be her best friend, and not only this, but she will help you navigate so many of the decisions you have to make while wedding planning + make sure you have a great time while doing it.  She is organized, bright, cheery, while also maintaining a super-consistently calm and peaceful demeanor.   This is the big-thing, you guys!  She actually radiates an attitude of peace and fun on your wedding day, and allows everyone around her to relax and join in.  If you take the time to meet her, you will book her.  I highly recommend wedding coordinators, but if I am being 100% honest, there is somewhat of a very small handful that I would highly recommend (and none higher than Jace!)  and  genuinely enjoy working with.  Jitters & Cocktails is in that very small group.  Look her up.  You will be impressed.

THE ARRANGEMENT CO. //  floral design

A classic and tight, but lush style, The Arrangement Co. brings the most elegant and celebratory mood to an event.  Owner Aubrey Ruiz absolutely loves what she does, and is a gem to work with.  Not to mentions, she happens to be my sister, so her gene pool is pretty solid.  Haha.  But I love her to death, and every bride that has used her, has fallen in love with her.  If you meet with her for a floral consultation, you will immediately note her knowledge of flowers, logistical know-how, and specifically the Houston flower market.  She finds the best, most unique flowers in town and her arrangements are always guaranteed to WOW.  She is creative, without being frivolous and lush, without being opulent.  She most enjoys learning the vision of the client, and then being given the freedom to just create.  She quotes per job and her pricing is simple and clear so you know exactly what you are paying for and what you are getting.  She can take your ideas for you day and fulfill the vision you didn't even know you had.

CHARM & FIG // invitations + paper products

Charm & Fig is fresh, bright, visionary, and can create a number of looks-from detailed, to hand-crafted, clean and digital, to poppy.  On her storefront, there are a number of designs that can be personalized from invitations, to bridesmaids stationary, to baby invitations, announcements, save-the-dates and more.  But not only can you pick and choose from her shop, you can also collaborate for a custom-designed project to tie in all the details of your day and represent you as a couple.  To steal a line from her own page--"Lauren’s long love affair with paper, typography and texture brings a fresh approach to a timeless medium."

ANGELA KARR  // hair + makeup

Angela is a gem.  She knows what she is doing, and will make you feel your best you.  She takes cues from your preferences and vision, and then is able to pull it off in a way that is most flattering and fitting for your event.  She provides that perfect balance of done and not-too-done.  Her makeup is fresh, relevant, and she truly understands how to make you look the best.  As with any creative, you give her freedom to work with your face and your look, and you will not be disappointed.  Angela Karr is pretty much now my go-to girl for any HMU needs.

THE WEEKEND TYPE // hand-lettering

Just do me a favor and head on over to her site, and you really won't need to read anything else from me.  Korie Lynn of The Weekend Type's work is gorgeous, incredibly romantic, timeless, and has that ethereal, but finished feel that is so difficult to accomplish in hand-lettering.  She is innovative in the use of her mediums, and will create something unique, beautiful, and incredibly YOU from whatever you give her.

HENRY WEDDINGS // videography

If you don't feel a thousand feelings while watching this video, you aren't human.  But really--his work is so inspiring, subtle, and dials in to the raw emotion of a wedding day.  There are a lot of coverage-based videographers out there that do a great job, but if you hire Henry and make the investment, you will get something that will show your love moving mountains.  Your wedding reel will be a keepsake that your grandchildren will look back upon and say, "wow... we came from something beautiful."  I have never worked with Henry Weddings, but I have followed his work for some time now, and if I am able to recommend someone's work here, I want it to be someone I am inspired by.  Check out his work, and you will be getting married in your parent's 50 sqft backyard just to have him document your story.

THE FOUNDRY RENTAL CO. // unique rentals

Paige is AMAZING to work with and is constantly growing her collection.  She sources unique pieces that add the perfect authentic and curated touch to your day.  From sofas, lounge chairs, dining tables, decor, The Foundry can hook you up with all things awesome.  The aesthetic is re-purposed, mid-century modern to modern, clean, and unique.  You can't go wrong with the rugs, table decor, and seating options.  There just really isn't anyone doing this here in town, so take advantage of a stylists keen eye and penchant for collection.

SMILEBOOTH // gif photobooth

 An amazing crew comes along with this completely celebratory setup.  Want a change from the traditional photobooth to capture your guest in some frozen form of cool motion?  Check out the gifs created from this photobooth, and you are going to want to throw a party tomorrow.  Having a photobooth as part of your reception is a great way to capture all of your guests, and it definitely is entertainment for them as well.  You can even opt to have a live stream of the images projected on a wall or screen to really crank up the party vibe.  


If you want a PARTY and a band people will go home talking about for years (okay, at LEAST weeks), these are your guys.  Their energy is amazing.  Incredible vocals, fun band, all the hits--across a number of genres.  They keep the crowd up, dancing, involved, and in awe of the aptitude of this troupe.  Your grandma will kick off her shoes and stretch those hips, and that aunt that never dances--yeah, she will be clapping, mouthing the words, and doing the hip bounce, completely oblivious to the fact that she "doesn't dance."  These guys are amazing. 


I found out Micahel Wachs was doing setting up a booth at a bridal show recently in Houston, and when I asked him why, he replied, "People getting married need a place to call home!"  And he is exactly right.  Michael lives in the heart of the city, and knows the area like the back of his hand.  He is young, conscientious, dedicated, extremely hard working, and likely a guy you could think of as a pal.  He will work hard for you, and you will like him.  What more could you ask? 

 THUMBTACK // finding budget vendors

I've lately been using Thumbtack to reach a wider clientele, and I have been so grateful for some of the amazing clients I have booked as a result! If you are a creative, definitely get yourself and account set up and start submitting quotes! Next time you need a creative service, hit up Thumbtack to enter your service details and set a budget. And voilia! Quotes will start pouring in based on your request! You are welcome.


The full list of vendors that are completely amazing, and I would love to rave more on them in person, are here below for you to peruse their work.  If you do reach out, please let them know I sent ya!



Jitters & Cocktails

A Splendid Event