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Hello, friends. 


I am glad you have found me thus far.  I currently reside in Sugar Land, TX--just outside of Houston--and enjoy most spending time sinking in to my family at home or traveling.  We are James, Rafferty (4), Isla (2) and the little bub on its way, end of summer '22.  The hat I wear most usually these days is that of "Mom," but my curiosity keeps me plugged in to the art of documenting.  

I approach photography these days largely through the lens of experimentation and authenticity, perhaps my own humbling journey in motherhood has informed my palette for all things real and mysterious.  But my poetic nature would have me always seeking out the beautiful and magical in the sometimes seemingly mundane.  

It is my belief that our existence is sacred.  Our bonds and relationships, divine.

The very ability to step in to someone's world, observe and capture it, is an incredible honour, and one I do not take lightly.  

As a portrait photographer with an editorial perspective, being deeply fascinated by the vulnerability of humanity, I find myself to be more of a gentle observer than I once was--as opposed to creating moments and scenes, I find myself seeking out candid, ethereal and raw moments. 


The greatest gift I believe you can give someone is to be curious about them--to see them and seek to know them, and, in turn, to allow yourself to be seen and known.  My work is driven by my own vulnerability in this experience and through humbly learning the unique stories and dynamics unfolding before of me.

Shifting recently from a world of fashion photography + studio work and back in to the hearts and homes of business owners and families has been a natural passage as my perspective has evolved.  I now mostly work with commissioned families and brands looking to create art in their own life and work.  

Visit Pricing to learn more, or reach out to me here and let's start the conversation.

Thank you so much for being interested in this work I cannot leave.  Hope to chat more soon.


Bri Costello

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One of my greatest indulgences in this industry is getting to know other photographers, and then having them document my family.  Grateful for the work of Natalia Kharitonova, Paige Newton, Jenn Campbell, Liz Looker and Trina Cary.



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