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Weekly Rhythms at Home with Kids

Costello Rhythms + Blank Schedule Download here:

Download PDF • 5.86MB

Our weeks are a bit irregular here in the Costello household, but as a mom who has her kids in the home year round, I have found a few tips that offer both structure, predictability and flexibility for our kids. I work on Monday, so Tuesday is usually our regroup and "start the week" day, and weekends are usually a bit slow for us as I don't get out much and family is usually busy--we often get the most done Saturday and Sunday, which is our favourite! In my head, for both our daily activities and dinner meals, I have *themes* or catchy club names to anchor our days. Here is our list below, but it really takes the burden of having to reinvent the wheel day-to-day and week-to-week.

Monday: Work Day, Mail Mondays. Dinner: Pasta!

Tuesday: Turnaround Tuesday. fridge. Tacos are for dinner, duh!

Wednesday: Water Wednesday. Dinner: something warm, and usually in a bowl!

Thursday: Thinking Thursday. Thursday meals are usually a different flavour profile or cuisine.

Friday: Friday Funday or Friends Friday. Friday night for us is consistently Pizza + Movie Night.


Saturday: Stay at home Saturday. We are usually lazy Saturdays, almost always go get donuts in the morning (kids beg to actually go in and eat them), and dinner is whatever is in the fridge.

Sunday: More of the Same. We tend to get a lot of creative and "school" work done on Sunday. Our family is usually out or have plans for the early part of the day, so we take advantage of the lack of excitement and keep it simple. Sunday night we normally have family meal somewhere out!

And that is our week! Perhaps there are aspects you may want to start incorporating in to your week, or areas you can use as inspiration to fit your families' specific need. DOWNLOAD our weekly rhythms calendar + a blank copy below.

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